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Profit:   $29,811


Dear Dean,

Thanks so much for teaching me how to turn what was a losing proposition into a $29,811 profit. Your negotiating techniques helped me get rid of a $20,000 IRS lien for only $200, not to mention the short sale on the first mortgage as well. Some of our competitors contacted this same homeowner, but when they saw the IRS lien, they didn't know what to do. They told the homeowner they couldn't help her…they didn’t have the expertise to resolve it. But you did, Dean. Thanks again.

 B. Fonda, FL 


"Ultimate Short Sale Strategies" teaches you how to create serious profits from discounting mortgages on homes in foreclosure…before they hit the auction steps. 


This one of a kind, comprehensive, all-inclusive program takes you step by step through the short sale foreclosure process…from marketing for leads to getting motivated sellers to call you to negotiating with the banks to collecting a check.


Discover the inside secrets on how to CREATE EQUITY in fully financed and over-financed homes in foreclosure.



Dean Edelson


And if ever there was a time to get involved in this highly lucrative real estate niche, NOW is the time. Foreclosures are happening in record numbers across the country, and the numbers keep growing every month. This spells massive opportunity for you!



In this 14 CD LIVE AUDIO RECORDING SET, you’ll learn how to:


  • Find the Best FC Lists...so you can BEAT the competition          

  • Analyze a Deal...for maximum profit                       

  • Find private & hard money...the EASY way

  • Market for Leads...to get your phone ringing off the hook                     

  • Submit the Perfect Offer...to save you time and money          

  • Work with Partners...to streamline your business

  • Direct Mail...to keep your short sale pipeline full                               

  • Negotiate with the Banks...like a PRO

  • Navigate BK 7 & 13...to your advantage

  • Door Knock...and get your seller to beg you to help them                             

  • Negotiate with Creditors...to maximize your profits             

  • Find the Right Realtor...to sell your house FAST

  • Cold Call...and know how to handle seller objections                                  

  • Discount 1st Mortgages...to put more money in your pocket            

  • Postpone the Auction...to buy you time to get your offer accepted

  • Negotiate with Sellers...so you can seal the deal               

  • Discount Junior Liens...to create massive equity               

  • Determine your Exit Strategy...for a quick and easy sale

  • Handle Seller Objections...and have the answer to any question thrown your way          

  • Release IRS liens...and not pay a dime                     

  • Flip & Fix n’Flip...to increase your profits           

  • Get the Deed...the FIRST time you meet with the seller                           

  • Influence the BPO...to seal the deal & create greater profits                    

  • Work High-end Markets...and do deals in MILLION DOLLAR-plus neighborhoods           

  • Fill out the Contracts...the quick and easy way 

  • Get Your Offers Accepted...so you can flip it fast and move on to the next deal      

  • Double Close...so you don't have to fund the deal

  • Perform Due Diligence...painlessly and effortlessly            

  • Fund the Deal...without using any of your own money 

  • Fill your short sale pipeline...by keeping it on autopilot 

  • And TONS more!                        

Dean Edelson's Ultimate Short Sale Stragegies is one of the most content-driven programs I have ever purchased.  The practical knowledge and skills I have learned from the course gave me the confidence to start working on the business.  Thank you again for your commitment and delivery of such an excellent program.

L.M. Huang
Las Vegas, NV


Ultimate Short Sale Strategies contains countless cutting edge techniques and secrets designed to give you the competitive advantage in this highly specialized and lucrative real estate niche.


Take a Look at All the Valuable "Insider"
Information You Will Learn ...


Frankly, there is NO OTHER program available anywhere, at any price, that covers all of these topics in such a comprehensive way.  Here's just a partial list of topics covered in the

Ultimate Short Sale Strategies program:

- Where to find the hottest foreclosure lists
- How to find homeowners in default
- Ways to smoke the competition
- Letters and postcards that get your phone ringing off the hook
- Display ads and flyers to keep the pipeline full
- How to set up a foreclosure marketing 'hotline'
- How to set up an '800' number information line
- Creative door-knocking and cold calling techniques


- What to say to sellers when they call
- Surefire ways to get the seller to trust you
- How to posture yourself
- Guaranteed ways to overcome seller objections
- What to say when you meet with the seller


- All the Contracts, Paperwork and Disclosures
- Getting the sellers to commit
- Guiding the sellers through the signing
- To record the deed or not record
- Notarizing documents
- Detailed explanation of each document


- Getting Loan Authorization
- How to obtain sellers' loan information
- What to say when speaking with the lender
- How to bypass customer service
- How to avoid long hold times
- Breaking through your fears


- The perfect short sale package
- Due diligence
- Market research
- Evaluating repairs
- What's the house worth?
- Creating your offer price
- Best way to submit your offer
- How often to follow-up


- How they think
- Why they 'bend' the truth to get you to pay more
- What to say and what not to say
- Verbal offers v. written offers
- The best time to negotiate a deal
- What they need to see in a short sale package
- What to do when a loss mitigator won't cooperate
- Negotiating with supervisors
- The best way to contact the loss mitigator
- How to take control of the negotiation
- When to counteroffer...timing
- How to counteroffer
- Common pitfalls and mistakes of negotiating
- How to get the bank to take LESS than your initial offer
- How to control the BPO
- Strategies for postponing the foreclosure auction
- Strategies for extending the close date


- Controlling the appraisal
- Setting up the appointment
- What to say to the BPO agent...to get the value YOU WANT!
- BPO v. Appraisal
- Drive-by v. Interior inspection
- What you should know BEFORE you set the appointment
- How to avoid costly mistakes
- Ways to get the Loss Mitigator to spill their guts on the BPO value
- What to say to the seller to prepare for the BPO
- How to work with the seller to influence the BPO
- Contacting the BPO agent AFTER the inspection
- Strategies to get the BPO agent to give you the closely guarded BPO value
- How to use leverage with the loss mitigator once you know the value
- Forcing an additional BPO
- What to do when you don't know the BPO
- Why the BPO is the most critical factor of the short sale negotiation
- Knowing what banks will and won't accept
- Government loans and the appraisal
- IRS liens and the appraisal


- Conventional loans--fixed, ARMS, Interest Only
- How government loans work
- Discounting 2nd and junior mortgages for pennies on the dollar
- How to release IRS liens...for practically nothing
- Releasing state tax liens...without paying a cent
- Getting rid of mechanics liens and judgments
- How to negotiate credit card and car liens
- Lines of Credit
- FHA short sale requirements
- Working with HUD
- HUD counseling
- What is Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
- How PMI affects the short sale
- Negotiating with the PMI companies
- FNMA and FMAC loans

- Chapter 7 and Chapter 13...how they differ
- BK and the effect on short sales
- How to negotiate with the lender if in BK
- Strategies to petition the court to release the house from BK
- BK and Auction postponement
- When the seller asks, "Should I file for bankruptcy?"
- Contacting the bankruptcy trustee
- Where to find a goldmine of houses in BK
- Where to find the Bankruptcy docket


- The bank says "Yes." Now what?
- Setting a close date 
- Preparing the Seller
- Working with title companies and closing agents
- Negotiating the best rates and discounts on closing costs
- Who signs the closing docs?
- Double closings
- How to close with NONE OF YOUR OWN MONEY
- How to prepare the HUD-1
- Using a trust or land trust 
- How title to the property is conveyed
- Collecting a fat check


- Where to find unlimited cash
- Working with private lenders
- How to double close
- Using hard money
- When to qualify for a loan
- What interest rates to pay
- Equity splits
- Lines of Credit
- Why pooling is a no-no


- How to flip
- How to find hungry buyers
- Retailing and Wholesaling
- Round Robin auctions
- Rehab or paint & carpet?
- Finding the perfect realtor
- Rentals and Lease Options
- Carrying primary or secondary financing








Profit:   $28,243



Profit:  $8,210 

Profit:  $46,064



Profit:  $74,854


Dear Dean,


I am so excited. I just spoke with the bank. It was actually easier than I thought. The owner is thrilled, too. The house was drastically over financed. Dean, your course did a great job preparing me for short sales. I knew exactly what to do and how to negotiate with the loss mitigator. I just followed your steps.

G. Pajunen, FL


One of the biggest concerns real estate investors express in finding a short sale course, product, or seminar is not getting enough information to actually do a deal. How do I know this? I was one of those investors. And that's the reason I put together this program. What you get is not only the short sale and foreclosure basics, but advanced techniques, secrets, and strategies that put you in complete control of the deal. You not only get the 'what' to do, but the 'how,' 'why,' 'when,' and 'where.' This program contains EVERYTHING you need to feel confident to go out and do deals...from marketing for leads to negotiating with loss mitigators to selling the house...and collecting a whopping check!

This course is LOADED with:

  • Real Deal experiences

  • Actual lender negotiations

  • Tips on what to say and not to say to sellers and lenders

  • Secret strategies to get the lender to say 'yes' to your offer

  • Techniques for influencing the BPO

  • Creative ways to unload the property once your offer is accepted

  • Closing strategies using the Trust, Entities, and the Option method

"Ultimate Short Sale Strategies"



This complete, comprehensive program includes everything you need to be on your way to making fortunes in foreclosures TODAY!



Thank you! I just got a seller from the 1st day our ad ran! The session on how to talk to a seller was truly invaluable.


K. Dorsey


Here's What You Get:


14 Audio CD's...over 11 hours of pure content. These CD's take you from start to finish on the short sale process in succinct detail. Marketing for leads, where to find sellers in foreclosure, getting the deed, negotiating with the banks, influencing the BPO, offer acceptance, funding the deal, closing the deal, flipping the house, to collecting a check. You also get tons of fantastic Q&A...hard hitting questions and direct, no-nonsense answers.


Contracts Package...every short sale document and contract explained in detail. You get a sample deed package already filled in to show you EXACTLY what to do. No guesswork at all. You get a fillable set that you can copy and fill in for each deal you do.


The Real Deal...Want to see what an acual short sale package, short sale offer, and bank offer acceptance looks like? It's right here, included with the program. You get THE REAL DEAL...an actual short sale deal package with every document explained. Real banks, real seller, REAL CHECK AT CLOSING! The entire package is right here: Offer, counteroffers, cover letters to the lender, HUD-1, purchase contract, borrower financials, comps, lender acceptance letters, copy of profit check.


Contracts Package CD...contains every document and contract contained in the Contracts Package Manual. All the paperwork you'll need to get the deed and get the seller to commit.  Add, edit, and adjust these Microsoft Word docs to conform to your particular state and county. You'll also get the Seller Information Sheet and Loss Mitigation Worksheet to help you negotiate effectively with sellers and lenders.


Marketing Toolkit...hard copies of all the letters, postcards, ads, display ads, and flyers that attract sellers to call you. These are the same pieces I use in my short sale business. AND so there's no questions on how you should send these valuable marketing materials to your foreclosure lists, I tell you what stock and color paper to print them on for MAXIMUM results.


Marketing Toolkit CD...contains all the digital media in Microsoft Word that's listed in the Marketing Toolkit Manual. Add, edit, and adjust any of the marketing pieces to fit your specific  market.


Quickstart Guide...gets you on the right track immediately. Hit the ground running with these Quick and Easy steps to launching your short sale business the SMART WAY. This guide comes complete with a glossary of short sale and foreclosure terms, a short sale timeline, and a step-by-step guide to jump starting your path to wealth and success. This manual was created to give you the edge over the competition.






2 Audio CDs with a LIVE Loss Mitigator Interview! This is a rare one on one interview with the ONE PERSON who can make or break your deal. In this in-depth, no holds barred expose, you'll get secrets and inside information on EXACTLY how the banks negotiate and how you can capitalize on GETTING YOUR SHORT SALE OFFER ACCEPTED. This interview takes you behind the scenes of a major lending institution and reveals the inside world of loss mitigation. This loss mitigator reveals EVERYTHING you need to know about negotiating with the banks.


These 2 CDs alone are worth the price of admission of the Ultimate Short Sale Strategies system. And the value of these CDs is...PRICELESS.


In this nearly 2-hour interview, you'll discover:

  • How to negotiate with the banks

  • How to fill in the HUD-1 settlement statement

  • What the banks look for in a short sale package

  • How to make your case with your offer

  • What the banks like and don't like in a negotiation

  • How to posture yourself with loss mitigators

  • What you can do to gain favor with banks

  • How to best submit your offer

  • How to effectively contact the loss mitigator

  • How to make their job easier...so you can get your offer accepted

  • How to postpone the foreclosure auction

  • What to do when the seller declares bankruptcy

  • How to discount junior liens

  • What HUD items the bank will pay for

  • What to say and what not to say when negotiating

  • How to handle a loan with PMI (private mortgage insurance)

  • How to counter offer

  • How to beat the competition

  • What to do when mitigators ask for a promissory note

  • What to do when they suggest a deed in lieu or a workout

  • The secrets behind a double close

  • A loss mitigator's tips for success

  • And so much more!

This 2-CD Loss Mitigator  Interview alone is PRICELESS!




The HUD-1 is an essential document that must accompany every short sale package. It's THE spreadsheet that lenders use to see what you're offering, who gets paid what, and tells the lender what they will NET at closing. What you get is a digital HUD-1 document that you can use over and over again to tailor to each deal and counter offer. This document CD alone sells for $149 to hundreds of dollars on other sites and from other companies. It's yours FREE when you purchase the Ultimate Short Sale Strategies course.



Still Need Convincing?



That's okay. I'm skeptical myself. With so many products on the market to choose from, you, like me, are asking yourself, "Why should I buy this system over the others that are out there? Why is this one so special? What's different about this program? What sets "Ultimate Short Sale Strategies" apart from the others? How do I know this is worth the money? How do I know this isn't fluff? How do I know that I'm not getting ripped off? "


And it's only fair that you get the answer.


Let's face it...short sales is a very specialized real estate niche. There's a lot of moving parts. That being said, it's HIGHLY LUCRATIVE. Massive profits are made each day by those who know how to discount mortgages and do short sales the right way, the smart way.


And that's what my program teaches. I've negotiated HUNDREDS of short sales. And all those deals and years of experience in marketing, negotiating with sellers to get the deed, handling seller objections, negotiating with lenders to get the offers accepted (and handling rejection, too), funding the deals, double closings, and flipping the properties...are packed into this course.


Who Should Buy This Course?

This course is designed for anyone who is looking for a massive increase in their full or part time income. Experienced real estate investors, novice investors, beginning investors. Whatever level of  experience you're at, this course has all the content, contracts, paperwork, and information you'll need to:

-Get started

-Keep you inspired 

-Elevate you to the next level

-Boost your already successful business

-Keep you on track to meet and even EXCEED your expectations


Those who've bought my program include new investors, experienced investors, college students, college grads, contractors, attorneys, pilots, home inspectors, appraisers, realtors, brokers, mortgage brokers, photographers, internet marketers, moms, single moms, retirees, engineers, folks in the corporate sector, people looking to change careers, couples, business partners, friends starting and partnering on a short sale business, people looking to supplement their current income, property managers, professionals, laborers...people who are looking to make a difference in their lives. All you need to do is take action. Take one, small, simple step...and you can have it all.



This system is designed in an




The best teachers and the most successful businessmen and businesswomen all have something in common that makes them shine, that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Which is why they are the best...


They INSPIRE and they DELIVER VALUE. They inspire you to reach your peak potential. They supply true, bona fide VALUE with their teachings and with their product. They deliver Exceptional content at a fair price. And this is precisely my goal with "Ultimate Short Sale Strategies." To inspire you to succeed...and to deliver EXCEPTIONAL content at a fair price. And to OVER-DELIVER. In this program are advanced tips, secrets, and strategies that could have easily been saved for another product. But I wanted you to have it all, the way I would have wanted it when I was searching for a course to teach me how to do short sales. My goal is to provide you with a program that supplies all the tools you'll need to succeed...even EXCEED your goals and expectations!


EVERYTHING you need to succeed in short sales and pre foreclosures is included in this course.


Want to know more?


14 Audio CDs


These audios were recorded LIVE from my sold out Ultimate Short Sales Telebootcamp. They're packed with solid content PLUS hard-hitting answers to student Q&A. These audios take you from start to finish in the short sale process. In order, step by step. Each topic and facet of the short sale process is addressed in GREAT DETAIL, so you know all the angles. Here's what you get on each CD:


CD #1

  • Types of Foreclosure: Judicial v. Non-Judicial...and why you need to know the difference

  • Lis Pendens v. Notice of Default states...lawsuit or no lawsuit?

  • Mortgage states v. Deed of Trust states...

  • Foreclosure lists...where to find the BEST lists and what to avoid

  • Where to find homeowners in foreclosure...an inside look

  • How to generate leads...

  • Marketing strategies...that attract all types of sellers to call you

  • What works and what doesn't...save time and money by sticking with proven strategies

  • Traits and characteristics of a homeowner in foreclosure...and why knowing this can make you a fortune

  • Marketing and the foreclosure timeline...how to time your mailings and beat the competition

  • Best ways to market

  • How to get sellers to call

CD #2

  • Marketing response

  • Cold Calling

  • Door knocking

  • Foreclosure auctions

  • The best list sites on the web

  • Staying on track

  • Why attitude is critical

  • Working sophisticated markets

  • Testing your market

  • The County Courthouse...and what you should know

CD #3

  • Additional marketing strategies...to get your phone ringing

  • Options for homeowners in foreclosure...a critical part of negotiations

  • The Seller Script...that gets you the answers you need

  • Office staff and working as a team...and how to attract the right people for optimum results

  • Gaining seller trust...how you gain it and how you keep it

  • Obtaining critical loan information from seller...the quick and easy way

  • How to posture yourself when talking to sellers...and why this is crucial

  • What to say and how to say it...so you're not nervous talking to sellers

  • How to negotiate to get the deed...with honesty and integrity

  • The '3 F's'...that will get sellers to trust you and want to work with you

  • Seller challenges...and how you can handle any objection

  • Seller indecision...and what to do and say when sellers can't make up their mind

CD #4

  • Meeting the seller...and how to get them to commit

  • Door knocking...and how to get rid of your fears

  • Seller contract package...what they need to sign

  • Face to face with the seller...how to get the answers you need

  • Positioning...and why you need to know this

  • Competition...how to set yourself apart from the pack

  • Expensive homes...how to crunch the numbers

  • Want versus Need...and why you need to know the difference

  • Control ANY negotiation...knowing this one simple tip

  • When sellers in foreclosure say they want money...and what to do

CD #5

  • The Deed Package...every document the seller must sign

  • Loan docs...what the seller needs to supply you

  • Preparing the Seller for the appointment...for a fast, easy transaction

  • Signing with the seller...setting the appointment

  • Loan Authorization...why you need this to talk to the banks

  • Release of Loan Info...the critical questions to ask to obtain loan information

  • Warranty Deed...how to convey title to a trust or your company

  • Authorization to Release Loan Information...how to talk to the lender to get loan info

  • Contact instructions...who is the contact?

  • Power of Attorney...what it's used for and when to use it

  • Power of Attorney and homeowners insurance...ways to become an additional insured

  • Trust Agreement...how to use it to YOUR advantage

  • Assignment of Beneficial Interest...how to take control and ownership of the property

CD #6

  • Beneficial Interest...who to assign as the ultimate owner

  • Filling in the Purchase Contract...the RIGHT way

  • Purchase Contract...why you need two contracts

  • Offers and Counter offers...and how to fill in the numbers

  • Purchase Contract Addendum...how to protect yourself when changing your offer price

  • The Due on Sale clause...and how to deal with it

  • CYA's...why you need to protect yourself

  • Deficiency Judgments...and what that means to you and the homeowner

  • Money to the Seller...and how to pay them when the banks forbid it

  • Allowing seller to stay in the house...a good idea?

  • Homeowner's insurance...and how to insure during the short sale process

  • Escrow impound account ...and what happens to the money after closing

  • The Financial Worksheet...and how to fill in income and expenses the RIGHT way

  • The Hardship Letter...and how to guide the seller to fill it out to qualify for the short sale

  • The Financial Package...and what documents the lender MUST have from the seller

  • When seller and the property are in different states...and how to notarize the docs

  • When couples split...and how to handle uncooperative spouses

  • When homeowners get an attorney involved...and how to win over the homeowner

CD #7

  • The Short Sale Package...what docs you need for the perfect submission

  • Contacting the bank...who to talk to and all department contacts

  • Obtaining loan information...the FAST way

  • Keeping good records...and why it's critical

  • Talking to the Loss Mitigator...and how to posture yourself

  • Ways to contact the lender...for the GREATEST effect

  • Attracting realtors and title officers...to get the comps and info you need to succeed

  • How to use comps...to your advantage in putting together your short sale offer

  • Creating the REO Net Sheet...and how to leverage your offer with the bank

  • How much money the bank will lose if house goes to auction...and why this is important

  • The BPO...and why this is the most critical number when negotiating your short sale

CD #8

  • The BPO...how to determine YOUR short sale offer

  • Wholesale or Retail...which exit strategy is best for you?

  • The Short Sale Offer Cover Page...and what you need to include

  • Counter Offers...and how to counter to put more money in YOUR pocket

  • Filling in the HUD...and what costs and fees you can get the bank to allow

  • Repairs...how to photograph and submit to the lender

  • The Short Sale Offer...and how to determine what to offer the bank

  • Why banks will not reveal the BPO

  • The BPO...and how to get the bank or appraiser to GIVE you that value

  • Never before revealed tactics to get the bank or BPO agent to give you the BPO value

  • What to bring the BPO agent when you meet at the house...and why it's crucial

  • Determining what a house is worth...FMV and AS IS value

  • What you MUST say to the BPO agent...to influence the value in your favor


  • The BPO...how to determine your short sale offer

  • How a mitigator works...and the number of files they work

  • Understanding a mitigator's responsibilities...and how they prioritize

  • Loan modification...what is it?

  • Forebearance...what is it?

  • How a bank determines if a homeowner can qualify for a workout

  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure...and how it works

  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure...and how the mitigator profits

  • When mitigators receive the Loan Authorization...and what they do

  • Why sending in a complete short sale package is SO important

  • Short sale approval...who makes the ultimate decision

  • How short sales get approved...and why you need to know

  • PMI...what is it and how it affects the short sale

  • Deficiency Promissory Notes...how mitigators get borrowers to pay them

  • Deficiency promissory notes...and how it can make or break a deal

  • The best way to contact a mitigator...for maximum response

  • Why relationships are CRITICAL...and how you can get to the head of the line

  • What NOT to say to a mitigator...or risk losing the deal

  • How to posture yourself...to get your offer to the top of the pile

  • What percentage of short sales are approved

  • Reasons why offers are rejected...and how to avoid it

  • What happens when the house is listed for less than what's owed 

  • What percentage of the BPO will the bank accept...and why you need to know

  • Quick closings with cash...and how this influences offer acceptance

  • Proof of funds...and why it's important to have it

  • Per diems...and how you can get an extension to close

  • How to postpone the foreclosure auction


  • Bankruptcy...and how mitigators deal with it

  • Negotiating short sales in BK...can it be done?

  • Simultaneous closings...do banks allow it?

  • HUD line items...what will the bank allow? Won't allow?

  • Closing costs and concessions...will the bank pay?

  • 2nd mortgages...how much can they get in a short sale?

  • Why 2nd mortgages take a bath with short sales

  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages...and what it means for short sales

  • Loss Mitigator tips and secrets...how to beat the competition

  • More mitigator tips...how to increase your chance for offer acceptance

  • Key questions to ask...to get your deal accepted

  • How mitigators get paid...and why you need to know

  • Deal referrals from mitigators...are they done?

  • High priced homes...are they handled the same way as mid priced homes?

  • Short sale negotiations...how long from start to finish?

  • Follow up with loss mitigation...the most advantageous approach

  • Countering at a lower price...can it be done?

  • BPO adjustments...when the banks do it

CD #11

  • Promissory notes...how to negotiate them 

  • Deficiency judgments...and when the bank files them

  • Marketing...and what pieces to send

  • Foreclosure lists...the best and freshest leads

  • When you need to speak with bank supervisor...and how to reach them

  • When the house is already listed...and how to negotiate with the seller to do the short sale

  • Government loans...and how they work with short sales

  • Meeting the BPO agent...what to say and how to influence the value

  • BPO agent follow up...and what to say

  • FHA, VA, USDA, RHA loans...what percent of BPO they accept

  • FNMA and FMAC loans...what percent of BPO they accept

  • Junior liens ...and how to discount them for maximum profit

  • Junior liens...and how to pay them more than the 1st lienholder allows

  • IRS liens...and how to get them released

  • Mechanics liens...how to negotiated a massive discount

  • Credit card liens...who to talk to for lien release and discounts

  • Bankruptcy...and how the homeowner can postpone the auction

  • Relief of Stay...what is it and how does it work?

  • Is BK a smart option for the homeowner?

  • Negotiating liens and debt with ANY vendor...and how you can do it

  • Chapter 13 BK...how it works

CD #12  

  • Chapter 13 BK...can you negotiate short sale while in BK?

  • BK...can homeowner keep the house if they file for BK?

  • BK and Attorneys...and the poor advice they give to homeowners

  • Building a team...and how to establish great relationships

  • Realtors and short sales...how to work together

  • Wholesaling...how to build a database of buyers

  • Flipping the house...how to do it FAST

  • Offer acceptance...and homeowners won't leave the house

  • Offer rejection...and how to break the news to the homeowne

  • Funding the short sale...where to get the money

  • Securing investor interests when they fund your deal...and how to do it

  • Negotiating with investors...and what to say

  • Homeowners in BK...and where to find all the court and hearing info

  • How to Pre-approve buyers...for a quick sale

  • Double closings...how to do it so you don't have to fund the deal

  • How to flip the house...holding your own Open Auction

  • Written v. Verbal offers...what NOT to do

  • How to work with mortgage brokers and lenders...and how to negotiate discounts

  • Funding your deals...how to negotiate rates with money lender

  • Deed to Trust...when and when not to record the deed

CD #13  

  • Foreclosure scams...and how they affect your short sale business

  • Workout programs...and how some investors dupe homeowners

  • Homeowner options...and how you can best serve them

  • Funding...and why it's best not to pool funds

  • Exit strategies...what're you going to do with the house?

  • How to find Realtors for your team...and where to find them

  • Round Robin auctions...how to set them up

  • Paying the homeowner...do you give them money at closing?

  • Partnering...and how to start your short sale business

  • Working multiple short sales...and how to manage several deals at once

  • Systems...and how to set up your business

  • Living in one state and doing deals in another...how it's done

CD #14

  • Q & A

  • Deal analysis...actual numbers

  • Flipping the house...how to price the home to sell it fast

  • Changing the trustee...how to do it

  • Over financed homes...and how to structure the short sale

  • When another investor gets involved...and when to walk away

  • Do you need an attorney to do your trust agreement?

  • Getting a check at closing...and who's name  goes on it

  • SEC requirements for funding deals

  • How to find liens on properties

  • Trust agreements...and how to create them the right way

  • How to hire help...and how to pay them

  • Helping homeowners move...and how to do it

  • Negotiating...how to do it effectively

  • Negotiating...the #1 tip for great results

  • Realtors as Investors...what you need to disclose

  • How to influence the BPO...when you can't be there to meet the agent

And much, much more.  I want to make sure you got MORE than your money's worth. 



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